Performance Electric & Construction LLC
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       Sick of Storms and POWER LOSS?
Home Generators can give you peace of mind 24/7

Do you have a sump pump, well pump, freezer full of food or just don't want to be inconvenienced when the POWER goes out?  If so call for a free in home Evaluation....
Phone : 440-413-0560

  • Wiring for new building construction and remodels.
  • Electrical panel replacements and Service Upgrades.
  • Electrical Repairs and Correcting Inspection Violations 

How an automatic home standby generator works..

The system monitors incoming power from the Utility Company.

When the power fails, the generator will start on its own then transfer generator power to your home.

When the power is restored your house will be transfered back to Utility power and the generator will shut itself off.

The system continues monitoring incoming power from the Utility Company.

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